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Our Simple “Project Order From” is Just Below and Only Takes About 1 Minute to Complete. No matter what your project, we have the right equipment and Man-Power to bring it to your perfect vision.  Whether you just bought raw wooded lands and want to create a savanna or perfect pastures that need pristine manicuring or you need materials delivered and installed on your site…we are here to help with our simple $69 per service menus. Just select the services you now want below and we are off to co-create with you. Order your services now by simply completing  the “Order Project Form” below and we’ll be down yonder quicker than a hiccup.

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Central Florida (Free Travel Charge Within 25 Miles of Zip Code 33781)


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Use the below map to determine the distance from our offices to the service address where the work will be performed or if you do not have a physical address you may simply enter the nearest crossroads, city and state.

Simply go to the google map below, click on “Directions”, and enter the service address or crossroads where the work will be performed, click get directions and Google Maps will give you the total miles and estimated drive time to the service address. Within 25 miles of our address is FREE of charge and we are happy to cover extended service areas at ONLY $69 per hour drive time. 

You may enter the extended service area estimated “Drive Time” hours in to the above “Man Power by The Hour®” estimated hours box or we can simply add it to your invoice at the time of service. Remember: To keep our services extremely affordable, we accept ALL payments in cash at the time of service unless otherwise agreed in writing and with a 5% additional credit card or check fee added to the invoice amount. See Ya’all Soon!